BEM (Military - SSgt Adams, R Signals
23532583 SSgt William Adams, Royal Signals


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British Empire Medal EIIR issue (Military Division) (23532583 S/Sgt William Adams R.Signals.)
London Gazette 31st December 1979, copy included.

Recommendation for BEM:-

"Staff Sergeant Adams' normal employment is as the Non-Commissioned Officer in charge of Garrison Works Services.  However, in additon to meeting his own not inconsiderable workload he has carried out the duties of the School of Sgnals Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant from 1 March 1978 until 4 November 1978. He accepted this additional responsibility very willingly and has performed his duties in an exceptional manner.  Throughout the period he has consistently worked long hours and has been called out frequently during silent hours. On occasions he has been required to act in the absence of the Quartermast and it is a measure of his quality that during these periods his trustworthiness, careful consideration of problems and sound judgement invariably produced the correct decisions. Every facet of his work throughout this eight month period has been of the very highest standard and it is to his great credit that, despite the fact that he knew he could neither receive the acting rank nor indeed the pay of rank for the Warrant Officer Class 2 appointment he was filling, his enthusiasm has never faltered.

In addition to meeting admirably far more than his fair share of military duties he has devoted much of his remaining free time to the advancement of Service Hockey. He has performed voluntarily the duties of Secretary to the South West District Branch of the Army Hockey Umpires Association and younger members of this association have enjoyed his constant guidance and ecouragement to better their qualifications. In addition Staff Sergeant Adams, who has qualified at Combined Service leel, found time to umpire the final of the Army Inter Corps Outdoor Hockey Competition. He is also an active member of the Blandford Garrison Sergeants Mess community.

Staff Sergeant Adams by his unselfish devotion to military duties, well above the call of normal requirement, and by his work in the furthering of the sport of hockey in the Army has shown himself to be an outstanding example of the very best type of Senior NCO. He leaves the Army on completion of 22 years' service on 26 November 1979."

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