Bespoke Medal Manufacture

Our team can assist with the design and manufacture from the earliest concept through to the final finished piece. We assist Governments with the complete range of services from outline design, statutes, manufacture, through to helping define the award and investiture process.

We are always willing to assist organisations or individuals with design and manufacture for special events.

Our pieces can be made from precious metals encrusted with jewels through to a simple plain base metal piece, each will follow our quality processes and will ensure that whatever the budget, you receive a product you and we can be proud of.

Contact our team today, and we can assure you of our confidential approach from initial enquiry through to the final finished item.

Special Commissions

Whatever your requirement, our skilled team can take it from an outline concept through to final production.

When assisting Governments with national honours, we can assist in the design and all practices associated with honours such as statutes, warrants of appointment and the creteria of award as well as the final investiture process.

If you, or your organisation requires a special piece for an occasion, or to reward members of staff, we can asist again from concept to final presentation piece be it made of a base metal and plated or from precious metals such as Gold and Platinum encrusted with jewels.

Contact our staff and you will be assured of a confidential service, we are always willing to meet customers at our various sites in Bromsgrove and Birmingham.