Immediate MM for Imphal Plain.
GNR FW Armstrong RA


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The superb Imphal plain Immediate MM.

Military Medal GVI 1st type, (4927029 Gnr.F.W.Armstrong, R.A.); 1939-1945 Star; Burma Star; Defence and War Medal 1939-1945 these last four un-named as issued.

Mounted as worn court style.

Together with original forwarding letter - poor condition - from the King. and a picture of the recipient in later life.

London Gazette 27.7.1944

Original recomendation states;

" In the Imphal Plain on 5 May 44, No 4937029 Gnr. Frank William ARMSTRONG was a member of an Artillery O.P. Party supporting the attack on the feature EVEREST. A report was received that the wireless set with the F.O.O. had been destroyed by enemy fire. Gnr ARNSTRONG was ordered forward with the spare set. The only route to the O.P. ws up a very steep slope which was overlooked and covered by the JAPANESE positions. Gnr ARMSTRONG showing great determination under heavy and accurate M.G. and small arms fire made his way forward to the F.O.O. while doing so he was met by the infantry coming back who had been ordered down the hill to enable close Artillery support to be put down. Unaware of the reason for this rearward movement by our own troops, Gnr ARMSTRONG continued his hazardous journey, thus becoming the major target for the JAPANESE. His disregard of danger; high sense of duty and strict compliance with his orders, under conditions which might reasonably have deterred a less courageous man, enabled communications to be re-established and covering fire for the infantry to be put down.

Copy of the original recommendation included.

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