Clasp - Corunna


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Awarded to the Military General Service Medal 1799-1814.

Lt General Sir John Moore had begun his retreat in the face of an overwhelming French force and reached Corunna on 11th January hoping for immediate embarcation.  He and his men had to wait for transports.  The next day the French appeared in front of the town but made no effort to attack.  On 14th the British transports arrived.  As the enemy had still made no move to attack, orders were given on 16th to embark during the night; but at 14.00 the enemy attacked and attempted to pierce the British positions. The French were beaten at every point and they eventually fell back.  The British then embarked during the night with the rearguard embarking the next day.

Lt General Sir John Moore was killed during the action and his body laid to rest in the citadel of Corunna.

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