Why Collect Miniature Medals?

Did you know, Worcestershire Medal Service, has an extensive range of Miniature Medals and Ribbons. Both produced in Birmingham, UK. These items make a fabulous collector’s piece for all ages. There are serval reasons why customers may purchase Miniature Medals.

• To wear at events and occasions instead of wearing Full Size Medals.

• As a collector’s piece.

• To give to relatives, for example so each child or grandchild has a set to treasure. Collecting Miniature Medals can create the same excitement as Full-Size Medals do; however, they take up less room to store and cost a fraction of the price.

Where to Start?

If there is a full-size medal, then more than likely there is a miniature medal. Whether you decide to start with Orders, Decorations or Campaign Medals, there is so much choice. There are no rules, this is a hobby, so if you want to mix it up and purchase everything you find you can. The list is endless plus you can start your collection for under £10.00!

Where to buy?

Another endless list for sure, however, if you purchase your Miniature Medals from Worcestershire Medal Service you are buying from an MOD approved supplier, based right here in the UK. On the other hand, you may also find that special little gem at an auction or medal fair. Be careful, we don’t want you to lose out so try and handle the medal before you purchase it. Something that might happen if you use a generic auction site.

Where to store?

Worcestershire Medal Service offer a high-quality framing service, this is one option. Display your Miniature Medal collection in style. Don’t hide them away! Another option is to keep your miniature medals in a display folder. Do be aware though that some plastic wallets can degrade the medals, over time. Some collectors prefer to keep their miniatures in display cases or locked away in lined draws. Be sure not to purchase cheap felt lining though as this is another thing that can degrade the medals over time. Worcestershire Medal Service supply cases along with silver cloths to keep the medals looking clean.

Time to Order!

Some hints and tips to get you started. If you have any questions, contact you nearest Medal Club. Medal collectors are an interesting and friendly bunch, or head over to our website and start your Miniature Medal Collection today! 


Andrea Rogers - Marketing Manager