Why a Pear Tree?

Odd question but one we are asked a lot. For those more observant among you, you may have noticed that Worcestershire Medal Service have a pear tree in the center of the logo. Those who are local to Bromsgrove will know why.


This tree represents the iconic Worcester Black Pear which can be seen as part of the City Coat of Arms, County Council Crest and of course the WMS logo. If you look carefully at our logo you can see the pears on the tree. It is believed that the image of the Worcester Black Pear Tree has been used from 1415. Queen Elizabeth I directed the City of Worcester to add three pears to the Coat of Arms, in 1575 when she visited Worcester. It is said that she saw the Black Pear Tree for the first time at the gates of the city which was planted for her arrival.

Pear Tree

It is believed that the Worcester Black Pear Tree, was originally introduced by the Romans. Place names and history in the area have many refences to pears. This suggests the cultural and economic importance to the area. The large Worcester Black Pear Tree stands around 50ft tall which makes it very distinctive. Over two decades between 1990 onwards Worcestershire County Council made nearly 1000 Black Pear Trees available as part of their Fruit Trees Worcestershire scheme, meaning a new generation of new trees were planted.

Andrea Rogers

Marketing Manager